Different Films Used in Window Tinting 

Tinting windows offers a lot of benefits and by now I’m pretty sure you know about the most common ones. Yes, tinted windows protect you from the sun and provide you a much affordable way to save on energy however what do you know about the film used in tinting your windows? 


Here are some films used that goes into your windows.  

  1. Heat Blocking WindowFilm

This film may be by far the most common to homeowners and commercial owners alike. Moreover, if you have tried tinting your car or vehicle, then you probably encountered this film as well. To ensure that your windows do not make your home too hot, this film is installed. Through installing this type of film, your air condition at home won’t have to work as hard as well given that your windows are shielding the extra heat from the sun instead of introducing those heat or rays o your living area.  

This type of film reflects the heat of the sun away from your home and at the same time absorbs the heat as well. Through the absorption of heat, you will also have an advantage specially in time of cold weather. Since your windows are heated or have absorbed heat, then your home won’t have a problem with heating as much as well, moreover securing the health of the glass in your windows too.  

  1. Sun Control Window Film

This type of window film has been designed to have a blockage ability of blocking 85% of any infrared rays. This film also helps in making sure the temperature inside your home is regulated. Compared to other solar focused films, this film is by far the best when it comes to Edwin heat specially if you live in locations that experiences hotter weather or climate. If you are concerned on the scratches your window might accumulate through time, this will also help in resisting those scratches from forming, ensuring that your windows will be in great condition.  

  1. CoavasWindow Tint Film  

This window tint film is focused on security and privacy purposes. Unlike other darkened tints, this tint provides deep protection blocking visibility. Moreover, it offers a good 98% blockage or protection from the UV rays from the sun. This film does not need to be applied with glue thus giving you a messy free installation. You also have the ability to rearrange it or peel it back if you make a mistake in installing it in place because it sticks just as good as when you first introduced it to your window’s glass.  

There are other films out there that I have not been able to mention here however these three are the most commonly used in window tinting in residential areas as well as commercial areas. Since everyone today is mostly concerned on privacy and sun protection, these films have been popularly used in window tinting.  

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